Wyrld Timeline


The land of Cóng Manaar was created and rest under the protection and tutelage of their gods – the Dragon Lords of Cóng Manaar. Cóng Manii legend dictates that the human children were born of the Cóng Manii as part of a great plan of their fathers. It is their belief that the gifts of magic were squandered, bastardized and misused – and the human children grew along unplanned paths. The word Human or Hu’manii means, quite literally in the Cóng Manii tongue: HU (children) Manii (children of).

It was the Human Chieftain Bregor and his siblings Aethelgrim, Arwic and Surin that gathered their people together to strike out in a war of separation. Even though their kind had long relocated across the sea to another land and they enjoyed an autonomous existence, the burning and all-consuming desire for total freedom drowned out all reason. Aethelgrim led the mightiest warriors against the wind serpent Va’Laa’Kaaiir and her brother Taan’Pat, Dragon Lord of the Storms. Bregor’s dark brother Arwic, his minions and fierce archers set out to destroy Laas Va’iir in her ocean lair. They then defiled and destroyed the Dragon Mother Lagii in the north. Finally, Surin rode her horsemen against the mighty Earth Dragon Lord Laarg in his mountain domain and beat him to death against the rocky crags. The final battle in what was to become know as “The Great Fall” was north of the Great Oak Forest. As the sun set on the bloodied battlefield, The Warrior Bear, King Bregor slew the Dragon Father Tagaar. His blood flowed into the inland font and seeped down into the Mage Source. As Lagii lay dying many miles from her mate, tears fell from her darkening eyes – flowing in a great path and spilling into the mighty font to mix with the blood of Tagaar.

The time of mankind began with The Great Fall. Life in Cóng Manaar would never quite be the same. From that day, the humans would mark their days as AB (after Bregor).

In the years to follow, there would be seven great wars with Cóng Manii and countless skirmishes and attacks. The Cóng Manii Empire was forced to retreat westward beyond the Ka Faziir Mountains in order to maintain security. The east of the continent falls to tribal rule and burgeoning trade avenues. In 1489 AB, King Garlas II of Nyveria became quite ill. His wife Mercissa being childless, the throne was to go to the Chancellor Markus – son of the king’s sister Salenna and her husband Ludrinus of Stagbury. After the King’s passing late in that year, preparations were made to move the four year old Markus to the Citadel of Kings to begin his Passage of Succession. But within three days of the king’s passing, the bells rang out from the towers of the Cathedral of Bregor. A gift was given to the people – Queen Mercissa was with child. The passing king has bestowed his blessing before his death. It was heralded as a sign from Bregor. His will be done….

1490 – Prince Karafas is born.

1493 – Salenna of Stagbury is found dead upon the rocks of the great cliffs beyond Stagbury Castle. Her body is discovered drained of all blood and slashed over 100 times. Lady Salenna’s death, following a well-known battle with depression and melancholy, is declared a suicide and the wounds self-inflicted. After a three-day battle, the Bregorian province of Gant comes under the rule of Nyveria.

1494 – Lord Ludrinus of Stagbury arrested by Bregorian Guard amongst “practitioners of the dark arts and minions of Arwic”. The baron is pronounced excommunicate and sentenced to death by fire. The law required that the young lord Markus witness the execution and stand in attendance. The boy is then made ward of the court.

1500 – Karafas I and his chosen wife Lunier are married and crowned in the Cathedral of Bregor. The new King is just ten years old. His Queen, twelve.

1502 – Princess Ulier is born. Karafas commands his armies to attack the independent state of Myridesh. Geomantic magic employed for the first time on the battlefield.

1503 – In the wake of the battle of Myridesh, the Nyverian Geomantic College is commissioned.

1504 – The young King sends raiding parties to the shores of Cóng Manii. Only 34 soldiers return. Cóng Manii losses considered light.

1505 – Karafas once again sends armies to Cóng Manaar, but lands at Ravenal Tor and travels through the Wyvern’s Gate. The Nyverian forces succeed in burning the Cóng Manii stronghold at Bakaden, and laying waste to the surrounding villages and farmland. Both sides suffer great casualties. The cousin of the Cóng Manii Emperor is lost in the battle.

1506 – Nyverian and Cóng Manii armies clash on the plains of Aulgunomn. Harsh elements and a pitched battle drive the attackers into the sea. Over 1500 Nyverian soldiers are killed

1508 – A massive Nyverian force strikes the Cóng Manii coastal town of Ismondiir, killing over 350 men, women and children. By the time the invaders are driven back to sea, a total loss of over 900 Cóng Manii lives are recorded.

1510 – Prince Kastigal Is born. Lord Markus appointed Chancellor to the King.

1520 – Ulier wed to Baron Ulvard, Lord of Dovengale in the Port of Surin.

1523 – Birth of Kastigan, son of Ulvard and Ulier – becomes rightful heir to the throne of Nyveria.

1527 – Magwyn of Gant appointed Pontifex of the Church of Bregor.

1526 – Kenric of Almsly appointed Lord Marshal of the King’s Army at just twenty years of age.

1527 – Prince Kastigal leads royal army against the independent state of Kasdal to the east. After thirteen days, the Kasdal flag falls to Nyveria. A fortress is erected on the site of Kastigal’s first great battle. Kasdor Castle is fortified and stands guard at the eastern boundaries of the young prince’s domain.

1528 – The First Writ of Bregor’s Holy Chancel publically informs the king of the emergence of the Borothers of Pain – a sect of necromantic practitioners promoting the worship of Arwic, Lord of Despair. Chancellor Markus appointed Royal Inquisitor tasked with the exposure and abolition of the cult. A regiment of specially trained soldiers assigned to the Inquisition and – by royal decree – retitled The Black Regiment.

1528 – Royal Mapmaker appointed to the court of King Karafas. The Kingdom’s boundaries continue to expand.

1529 – King Karafas is found dead in his private garderobe. Death declared by natural causes. Six days later, Kastagal I crowned at the Cathedral of Bregor.

1530 – Nathrak, son of the most powerful chieftain on Tarsus enters the service of the King Kastigal as mercenary captain.

1531 – Baron Ulvard sent to Tarsus on a diplomatic mission to broker a possible alliance with Nyveria.

1532 – The events of Domnonkai Cóng leading to the assassination of King Kastigal I and the declaration of thief Romney Black as an outlaw. Chancellor Markus assumes the throne. War is declared – “The Great Discord” ignites in ten years of global warfare.

1533 – Baroness Ulier, son Kastigan (10) and retinue imprisoned in the keep at Havan’s Moor. Known loyalists to King Kastigal rounded up with families and executed in public display. Marshal Brandegn drawn and quartered before the dining King Markus. Just before death, the Marshal is revived by Yagunal healers and slowly fed to enraged hook bears.

1534 – Declaring restructuring by divine right, Pontifex Magwyn enters the cloister at Almsly. Brothers of Pain overthrow church officials and – by order of King Markus – place the iron crown of Arwic at the alter of the cathedral at Bregor. Those in holy service of Bregor dismembered, cooked and fed to the sick and unfortunate. Massive hordes of undead are sent as a first attack in what becomes known as the “Dark Wave”. Dunbach King Arsistal and the entire royal family beheaded as the final Dunbach regiment falls. The Black Regiment raises the Nyverian flag over the royal palace of Dunbachmoor.

1536 – King Markus commands Pontifex Magwyn from seclusion to officiate over his rebirth. On the black alter, before the collected lords of Nyveria, King Markus sodomizes the Pontifex. In public view, Magwyn transforms into a withered hag, proclaiming herself “Arwic’s Whore” henceforth to be called Higetch. A thick, oily mass of clouds falls over the cathedral and King Markus dons the iron crown of Arwic. With an rusted rigging hook he gouges his eyes from their sockets. Moments later, the bleeding wounds fill with flame. The King is reborn as the Father of Necromancers and son of Arwic, Lord of Despair.

1537 – The Nyerian army lands at Pygan Sorl, taking the city under Nyverian control. The walled fortified city is held for seven days before dwarven forces regain control. The retreating army sets sail and returns to Nyveria, leaving behind a group of necromancers to infiltrate the court of Garten Forge.

1538 – In an attempt to assassinate King Goldenab of Garten Forge, the Chieftain of Clan Bargolt – son of the king – is poisoned at the high feast table. The Brothers of Pain are discovered and executed. Their remains are sent back to King Markus in a fine wooden box depicting the terrible event in an ornate carving on its lid.

1539 – 1540 – The Plague of Many sweeps the countryside. Thousands of Nyverians fall sick and rot in a painful living death. The only way to permanently destroy the tortured ill is through living cremation. King Markus declares the taking of wood forbidden upon pain of death. Only the wealthy and those loyal to the king are permitted to “take to the flame.”

1541 – Baroness Ulier and Prince Kastigan escape and flee to Yagunal, seeking refuge with tribes along the Tears of Lagii.

1542 – Nyerian forces set sail from Stagbury, bound for Cóng Manaar. In the great Battle of Angwan Moon, Emperor Ra’iir leads a massive army of Cóng Manii warriors and jasai (priests), driving the invading forces across the Isle of the Burnt Paw, through Amendar and into the sea. As the returning army lands at Arwic’s Cradle a rogue regiment of Dunbach swordsmen ambush the King’s party. Markus’s forces retreat to Stagbury where they are met with a dominant army of dwarves from Garten Forge and a legion of elite Cóng Manii warriors led by the warlord General Arbras. King Markus of Nyveria killed at the Battle of Stagbury Tor. Royal Mapmaker arrested and Brothers of Pain imprisoned for war crimes and acts of cruelty and treason. Tribunals are formed. Nyverian conspirators brought to trial and summarily executed.

1543 – Baroness Ulier and Kastigan return to Nyveria. The church of Bregor is taken from the shroud and a new pontifex is appointed. Kastigan crowned King at the Holy Cathedral of Bregor.

1548 – After five years of peace and a kingdom renewed, a Wyrld of Blood and Fire.