Tyvian – OOG Revelation 02

(Tyvian walks outside to the ornate columns at the front of the temple. Finally taking a minute to catch his breath, he sits down on some sand bags. Tears lightly falling, both from the joy of the news of his father and of sorrow, for only knowing him such a short time. He looks up to the skies and prays, beseeching Surin for her tears to cleanse this place of the sorrow and strife that had besieged it.)

Purest Mother, heal these people from the suffering they’ve endured. Welcome the fallen unto your bosom and guide them to rest. Grant them peace. I weep for the loss of my father and for the loss of a devout priest from this community. His sacrifice for me and my quest to protect the Children of the Covenant of Four Stars was not in vain. Welcome your child, my father, my friend Darnesc at your table. May he watch over us while at your side and know the serenity and peace of your countenance.

Bless these followers of your brother Bregor. Their stewardship for this town is true. Help them to rest, to recover. Give them the strength to help rebuild this community, stronger than ever.

Bless my companions, my fellow Guardians of the Children. And Bless young Davyn as well. Still their minds from the horrors they have witnessed. May their spirits find solace and calm. Renew their faith in the sanctity of Life and Love.

(Gripping the staff at his side)

I reclaim this artifact, the Staff of Olegnos in your most holy name. May it’s blessings be revealed in due time and may it be wielded in your honor on our quest to stop Arsafaal and the Brothers of Pain.

Blessed are the children of Surin who provide for the needs of others.