Rogan – OOG Revelation 05

(Tyvian is slightly surprised to see Rogan not eating in the Plowshare’s dining room. Instead, Rogan and the boy Davyn are playing a game of cards borrowed from the innkeeper.)

“Well met, Brother Tyvian. I must say, you cut a fine figure in those vestments!”

(He throws down a final set of three Crowns, taking the table.)

“That, young Davyn is how to survive on the road. Taverns may come, and taverns may go…but the ‘Rogan Triple Crown’ will keep your belly full of ale and your horse dry and fed. Guaranteed!”

(He pats the boy on the shoulder and stands to straighten his surcoat and cape. Rogan is wearing his most presentable attire – his tunic, blue surcoat and cape – with the obvious exception of his armor and helm. The silver symbol of Aethelgrim is prominently worn atop the layers. Strapped to his side he wears his sword in scabbard with a feasting dagger and pouch. He gestures for Davyn to stand.)

“Go on, squire. Show Brother Tyvian what a proper young Warrior of Aethelgrim looks like when not covered in soot and cow dung!”

(Davyn turns awkwardly, showing off his new tunic, breeches and capelet to match the blue of Rogan’s cape. Rogan is clearly proud.)

“Huhhhh? Ahhhh? What do you think? And look…we’ve uncovered a young man where the road scrubbed off ’em!”

“Look, Brother Tyvian. Rogan bought me a proper dagger!”

(Tyvian reacts accordingly. Davyn draws the dagger, showing-off the silvered guard and pommel to Tyvian with pride. His smile claims most of his face.)

“Well, young Master Davyn. It seems your future is now all too clear. The dwarves just might mistake you for a true Nyverian prince!”

“Now, Tyvian. The squire’s head will grow larger than mine. (beat) Not a particularly difficult feat, don’t ya know?”

(He tousle’s Davyn’s head as the three burst into a long overdue peel of laughter.)