Ra’aviik – OOG Objective

(Having had some time to himself and time to think, he knows what he needs to do, Ra’aviik writes a missive to the emperor)

Missive to the Imperial Court of Cong Manaar

For the Emperor’s eyes only:

Your Majesty, I am sending this missive to inform you that the mission to assassinate the Fiir’Ti agent know as K’ain is complete. The assassin met his end in combat. The name K’ain will no longer darken the court of Cong Manaar. In light of recent events, I ask that I continue to travel with the group that I have infiltrated. I have found that their objective has volition in the survival of all people, Cong Manii included. I will continue to send missives in regards to this new mission that I have chosen to undertake.

– Gaar Tu Ra’aviik

(After writing the missive, Ra’aviik unsheathes one of his knives and draws it across his arm covering the blade in his own blood, wraps it up, and sends it as proof, along with the missive, after which he wraps his arm where he made the incision. He draws the blade that he had chosen to kill K’ain with, takes a long hard look at the black blade, and knows what will become of it. He returns it to its sheath and goes about his business as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened.)