Ra’aviik – OOG Wounded 02

(Feeling like he can finally relax, if even for a bit, Ra’aviik flashes a tired smile and gratefully accepts the water skin from K’ain. He takes a few quick sips and for the first time, feels comfortable speaking with the assassin)

< Thank you brother, your words mean more than you may think. I know I had no control over what happened to me, I can only hope to become stronger so that it won’t happen again. Words cannot express my gratitude to you and Tyvian for fighting to bring me back, don’t want to imagine what would’ve happened had you not been there. Thank you again, I have a lot to think about, I’m gonna go and see if anyone could use my help. You should have that injury looked at, and then try and get some rest yourself.>

(Ra’aviik gets up from where he was sitting with K’ain and makes his way to what looks like a semi private area of the temple tucked away in the shadows, and for the first time in a long time, the I’shaas is over come by his emotions, he holds what is left of his ear as tears stream down his cheeks)

<What am I going to do now?>