Narrator – OOG Staff 01

(After meeting with Rogan and Davyn in the Plowshare Inn, Tyvian slowly begins to realize a presence he had earlier dismissed. Since drinking from the cistern at the Temple Grotto of Surin, he has become ‘aware’ of the staff found in the Point Tower on Wycolt Cliffs. The knowledge of its origins and abilities is new to him, but the information sits as comfortably in his memory as the touch of his mother’s hand or the smile on the face of grandmother the day of his fifth birthing.)


(The Migdin is busy battling a cowlick in Davyn’s hair. It wasn’t the cost of the haircut, but rather the difficulty in convincing the Innkeeper’s wife to tackle the briar patch that left the most profound battle scars.)

“Hold still, Davyn.”

(He dips a finger in a slab of table butter and gingerly pulls the errant hair into submission.)

“Victory! Fit for a dwarven king!”

(Tyvian tries again.)


(Rogan finally catches on.)

“What is it, my friend?”

“The staff.”

“Yes, very nice Tyvian. It matches your robes.”

(Tyvian is thinking more than talking.)

“It has the ability to confer an armor of sorts to myself and my companions. A toughness to rival any ancient tree in Her Forest.”

“And you know this…”

“I just…do, Rogan.”

(Rogan is a bit stunned.)

“I see. What else do you know?”

“It bestows upon the priest the ability to command plants in the service of the blessed.”

(Tyvian hold the staff toward the ceiling and it begins to glow in a golden, green hue.)

“With this Staff of Olegnos I can will any object made of wood to take on the strength of steel…unbreakable. (beat) And perhaps most amazingly, through this staff I can conjure a storm of thorns to rage upon an enemy or a wall to rise high into the air. I…I, never imagined…”

(Rogan and Davyn are speechless.)

“Rogan. This is carved from the wood of the very grove of My Patroness. The Temple Grove of Surin. (beat) Rogan, I now know…this belonged to my father. He is the one who left it behind in that tower. And I will never have the chance to ask him how it happened.”

(The mood is at once serene and sad. So much pain accompanying truths lost on the road to destiny.)

“Tyvian. Perhaps before the others get here. Let us pray for the road ahead.”

(Tyvian smiles.)

“I’d like that my friend. I’d like that very much.”