Narrator – OOG Revelation 01

(At a certain point in the evening, the activity seems to slow to an even pace. Several priests are ministering to the less-severely injured and the volunteers have stopped bringing in new patients. This make-shift hospital…this house of the Father Bregor has taken the broken and stricken souls and brought them back, away from the darkness. Tyvian takes a deep breath for the first time in hours. The nourishment of his body and healing of his Wyrld-bound shell can now begin.)

“You are not even cleaned yet? To say nothing of your dress. What are you wearing, Tyvian? The dwarven captain Kolgaryn of the ship Galigoras is welcoming us onboard to feast and recount our journeys thus far. This is an incredible honor, my friend.”

(Tyvian sighs.)

“Yes, it is, Rogan. But the priests needed my help.”

(Rogan smiles…a true and gentle expression. This is the man Tyvian knows and calls brother.)

“Of course, my brother. This Wyrld is blessed in the wake of Tyvian Meer. I am increased in your friendship. Take your time. (His smile broadens) That captain will be far too entranced by my Migdin charm to even think about chastising us. We are heroes. Bregg is our muscle. K’ain is our fury. Ra’aviik is our one-eared….well, um…Cóng Manii. I am our…ehem, charisma. But you? You, Tyvian Meer. Surinite priest. You are our soul. And without that, we’re just a pack of fools.”

(The two friends laugh with temple voices. Reverent, respectful and gentle in the company of those needing peace and quiet.)

“We’ll meet you at the Plowshare Inn when you are ready. (wink) Liquid courage, don’t you know?”

(After Rogan leaves the temple, Tyvian rolls the last remaining bandage and places it gently on the supply table against the wall. He then washes the blood from his hands in the font with the bear’s head water spout. He barely notices Brother Ospis do the same to his right.)

“Tyvian. You honor your Mother and Our Father with your deeds this day. You have shown an example of divine tools at work in the hands of a true son of the faith.”

(Tyvian can feel the blood in his face begin to rise in a blush.)

“I simply do what is needed, as any priest surely would do in the same situation. I am honored to assist your order, Brother.”

(The older priest shakes the water from his hands, dries them on a white linen, then hands a dry one to Tyvian.)

“Thank you, Brother.”

(The priest nods.)

“Tyvian. I, uh…don’t know how to begin this…this, uh… (He takes a breath) after you ran off to save your friends in the old monastery, your uncle approached me outside of the temple. He wanted me to tell you a truth he knew he would never have the opportunity to tell.”

(Tyvian stops drying his hands and stands still at the font.)

“Your uncle knew he was going to sacrifice himself to save you and your companions. To save you for the greater welfare of your very careful mission. Brother Darnesc wanted you to know…Tyvian. Brother Darnesc is your father. He loved your mother deeply, but understood that his calling would draw him away from a family…that he would never be able to give you the kind of life you should have. So he left his brother to care for you and guide you in health, love and provision. Tyvian, though he’s known you for such a short time, he has known you your whole life. Your Mother Surin appeared to him and foretold your coming. Darnesc loves you with all his heart. He is so very proud of the man you’ve become, and the spiritual shepherd you were destined to be. (beat) Go meet the dwarven captain, son of Darnesc. Hold your head high and show them your wisdom. Every day. Show them all. (beat) They will follow. Of that…I am certain.”

(Tyvian is lifted up in the spirit.)

“In all things, Seva Koresad, Surinal Sthah. Seva Koresad, Bregorum “