Narrator – OOG Host 01

(As the others are assembling in the dining room of the Plowshare Inn, Bregg is finishing the final step in a typical soldier’s ablutions when preparing for a court audience. There is a knock on the door. Bregg answers bare-chested, a fluff of soap lingers on his left cheek.)

“Come in.”

(The door opens revealing Brother Ospis, wearing a much simpler robe of modest linen tied by a hemp rope. He notices Bregg’s observation.)

“My apologies, Lord Bregg.”

“Bregg…will do, Brother.”

“As you will…Bregg. As I was saying, my apologies for the disturbance. I understand you are dining aboard the Galigora this evening.”

(Bregg wipes his face once more, then tosses the small cloth on the basin cabinet.)

“You understand correctly, Brother. I, uh…I’m about to finish up and meet my friends. How might I help you?”

“Well, Bregg. I am aware of your devotion to the faith of Aethelgrim. You are a man of conviction and duty. I admire that. (beat) I, um…need to ask you a boon. A service, if you will.”

(Bregg pulls a near-fresh tunic over his head)

“Of course. What is it, Brother Ospis?”

(The man is clearly worn down, but manages to show the proper decorum.)

“This box…contains the Holy Host of Bregor, taken from the monastery tabernacle at the time of its desanctification.”

(Bregg’s eyes follow the dark wooden box as Ospis places it on the bed.)

“The Host is perhaps one of the most valuable relics to our order. This vessel contains a piece of the physical body of Our Father Bregor and is capable of bestowing untold miracles. We have been safeguarding and praying over these relics for years now. But with the prophecy, and the recent attacks…”

“I understand, Brother. What would you have me do?”

(The aging priest stands closer to Bregg, looking into his eyes.)

“I would like you to take these holy artifacts with you to the north…and deliver them into the hands of Pontifex Lagdoras at the Holy Cathedral of Bregor. We fear that as the Lord of Despair’s power grows, so does the threat to the sanctity of our church. All churches. There is no champion of our faith at call. We are told that there is a contingent of soldiers dispatched from Stagbury…due to arrive sometime tomorrow evening. We are not sure of the official compliment, but I for one can not take the chance.”

(Bregg turns toward the window in silence.)

“I will ordain you in the Bregorian Order of Protectors as a Guardian of the Host. And with this task, I will bestow upon you the medal of office as well as the Shield of the Protectors – a powerful armorial that has accompanied the relics since their installment in the monastery. (beat) Please consider this request carefully, as I more than understand the magnitude of this sacrifice. But frankly, I can think of no one else more qualified than you to carry this burden upon your back.”