Narrator – OOG Eye 01

“Rogan, sir?”


“Do you think we will lose?”

“Lose? What do you mean, Davyn?”


“Everything is a lot of things.”

“I mean…The Mapmaker. His new alliances. The magic. The Black Ships…”

“The Mapmaker is insane, Davyn. His mind does not work the way that ours does. We are thinking men who make decisions based on logic, law, emotion and justice.”

“Insane? Does that not then make him dangerous?”

“How so?”

“Because he cares nothing for logic, law, emotion nor justice. He thrives on pain and suffering. He does what he wants, and because of that, he’s becoming so powerful. I…I’m afraid, sir.”

“And THAT is the very reason why we shall triumph over the mad necromancer and his pouty, temperamental god. Your fear means that you treasure life and the welfare of others. If we care for one another we fight as one, watching the aft when the fore strikes at the enemy.”

“I guess so.”

“Guess? No, Davyn. You know. You have a deep sense of right and wrong. The crippled old death monger? He knows only wrong. Besides. You are going to be a squire…and one day soon…a ‘Knight of Aethelgrim’. That sounds far more impressive than ‘Mapmaker’, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Ha ha ha…yes, Rogan, sir. I gue…I KNOW you’re right!”

“Of course I am! Ask Bregg and K’ain! Ask Brother Tyvian. They will all tell you the same. Rogan is ALWAYS right!”

(The laughter erupts as two small voices join together as one. The kind of laughter with a rich quality that fills a room with warmth.)