K’ain – OOG Giving 02

(K’ain catches his breath, head still spinning. For a moment he stands perfectly still.)

<Not possible.>

[But it happened.]

(He stumbles back inside, Rogan gives him a quizzical look, Davyn does not know what to think.)

“Toh’Maniir, is this real?”

(He holds out the ring on his palm for Rogan to see. The Migdin, smiles, almost about to laugh, “of course it’s real, silly elf” but the look in the Cóng Manii warrior’s eye is too serious. He remembers his own visions in the Monastery.)

“As real as you are. K’ain, are you alright?”

“Yes… Thank you…”

(K’ain returns to his room. He sits in the darkness, staring at the glinting thing couched in his roughened palm.)

“Vin Si was burned… you’re sister, your Pajak… It is not possible.”

[And there are no such thing as ghosts?]

(He runs his fingers along the mark of the covenant, palm to crook of the elbow, his own blood and Yagris’ ashes. Yagris, painted with the pitch from an orphan boy’s Pajak, burned in the temple. Burned and burned… bright, consuming, cleansing, renewing fire.)

“Cóng S’ai, s’ut agraas nakai m’agiir. Agraas kaa, agraas b’aas… ‘Huj agraas b’aas. Huj agraas paandu kai Cóng S’ai e bagaat m’ariis. Huj agraas lagiis.'”

(Wild flowers… Lagii N’gaal, Cóng Galgaa, Ka’iir T’gul. Hair, finer than the Emperor’s finest silk. Eyes, black as summer night. Black as blood.)


(He lies back on the bed letting the exhaustion take him again, eyes closed, but not sleeping… flying.)

1. Dragon Father, burn us clean. We are dead, we are reborn… ‘Together we are reborn. Together the beat of the Dragon Father’s wing washes the blood away. Together we are at peace.’