Kʻain – OOG Wounded 01

(During a lull in the evening, K’ain sits next to Ra’aviik out of the way of the priests against the temple wall. Both bloody and exhausted from the night’s events. He takes a deep draft from a water skin and offers it to Ra’aviik. Speaking in Cóng Manii.)

<You need to drink something, you’ve lost a lot of blood.>

(Ra’aviik can’t help but note that the assassin is looking deathly pale himself. The makeshift bandage on his head soaked red. K’ain gives him a long searching look, the expression on his face difficult to read. Perhaps pity? It is the first time he has voluntarily talked with Ra’aviik since their conversation on the Thyrd Son.)


(He stops and takes a deep breath, then begins again.)

<K’laan, the Jasai that was traveling with us. What he did to himself… to us… He was a weak man. Bitter. Twisted. Never a true Cóng Jasai Vaa La Kaiir. What he did, he did out of weakness. You…>

(He stops again. Words, always difficult for him, aren’t enough to express what he is trying to say.)

<You are not weak Ishaas. What you did… No. What happened to you… You did not maim yourself. Arsafaal did this. This… This is a battle scar… not a mutilation.>

(He shakes his head, unable to articulate himself, and immediately regrets it, pressing one hand to his temple to stop the spinning.)

<We can not imagine… There’s nothing we can say but words. >