Tyvian – OOG Portagaal 06

(Returning to seriousness)

No, you’re right.. I know nothing of your past.. what you’ve been through. Finding peace with one’s past is difficult. But necessary.

Your battle with death and its meaning is completely different than mine, as we come from different faiths. But I assure you.. I understand Death. Maybe not from the Cóng Manii perspective, but as you in your past occupation offered Death as a release, I fought with Death to grant and preserve life.

But I do know that you cannot continue living in the past. Your past haunts you because you allow it to haunt you.. You’ve cleaved to that pain to define you. But you are no longer that same person. You can learn from your past, it made you the man you are today. But you have a future… as a Guardian of those Children.

These things that are making you lash out, need to be addressed. And not with violence. This pain and personal torment is exactly what Arsafaal wants.. what the Brothers of Pain want. We cannot be fighting with each other. We ALL must put any personal issues to rest or our Quest as Guardians the Children of the Covenant of the Four Stars is already over. We cannot play into “His” hands.

My purpose is to do what is necessary to clear the Wyrld of “His” evil enough that those children…those babies can grow to follow their destinies.

I know where my path lies and I’m willing to sacrifice what I must. I pray that you will continue with me along that path.

(Turns and walk over to his bed, pulls out the book from his father’s houselet and sits down holding it. A look of melancholy washes over his face, as he thinks of his father, followed by a wan smile.)