Tyvian – OOG Portagaal 02

(Pacing the chamber, addressing K’ain)

This raging fire within you has been seeking to come out for a while now. You’re right, I couldn’t possibly understand everything you’ve been through, but I can not stand idly by while a man, unarmed and only engaged in conversation, is struck down by anger.

Is your rage truly directed at Ra’aviik? Or is it misplaced? From what I understood from your argument, your anger truly lies with the Empire of Cóng Manaar and its decision to dismiss your existence.

You call Ra’aviik a dog of the Emperor. That may have been true. And he was ordered to assassinate you and took the mission. But I believe your rage over the mission so consumed you, that the rest of his explanation was heard, but you didn’t really listen.

He said he was ordered to kill you, but he chose to disobey the Emperor. Perhaps over the past couple of days and weeks, he saw that you were not the Beast that the Empire painted you out to be. He disobeyed.

He even wrote a missive to send to the Emperor, reporting that his mission was complete. But you’re NOT dead. He didn’t carry out the mission, and in reporting otherwise put his own life at risk. Think about it K’ain, what happens to these “dogs”, as you call them, if they disobey? Particularly, deliberately disobey?

I’ve become fond of you as a friend and traveling companion. We’ve fought side by side. I’ve witnessed you from afar, the torture of your past haunting you. You’ve changed so much since we originally met. I’ve seen that your heart truly beats for ALL Manii, not just those from Cóng Manaar. Empires and Kingdoms are self-serving. They do what they feel is necessary to preserve themselves. But you.. US.. we’re fighting to preserve everyone, not one ruler.

Ra’aviik joined us under false pretense, but has how truly magnanimous our quest actually is. He sees how important you are to our quest. In his own way, he has chosen to protect you.

I cannot mend the rift that has been formed between you. That is for each of you to do over time. I only ask that you quiet your mind, still the rage within you and search your heart.

Consider this, if Ra’aviik does not send his missive announcing your “death”, more may be sent in his place. However, if he does, then K’ain the assassin no longer exists to Cóng Manaar. You’d be free to become the person…the Champion that you truly are instead of a “tool” of the Empire.

Please, consider what I’m saying.