Rogan – OOG Absolute 01

(The listing of a ship – even in waters calm – to the spirit brings quiet. Wrapped within blankets of lumber and pitch, tapestry and gold, darkness is absolute.)

(Before turning his head to the firm pillow of his cabin bed, Rogan took a flame to a small candle lantern. For even in the company of a trusted elder adept with the sword, the young farmboy Davyn fears the darkness. The things he has seen will haunt the shadows for evermore.)

“Something bad is happening.”

(Rogan’s eyes open on the small cabin ceiling, playing shadow puppets across the painted timber. Soundless…something is moving.)


(He feels a familiar presence. Something more than his young squire. He turns and sits on the edge of the bed, forcing his mind to full alert.)

(What Rogan sees next sends shivers down his spine. A sweat breaks across his furrowed brow. Davyn sits rigid in his bed. His face, pale. His eyes, cold and staring…through Rogan, as though his importance is diminished. Conquered. Dead. Yielding to the third spirit in their company.)

“Davyn…wake up, boy.”

(The smile on the young man’s face is not his own. Rogan wants to scream…call out for Tyvian or Bregg. But his voice is gone. Lost in the dark. The absolute darkness. Paltry against the voice of the Stranger bleeding from Davyn’s bloodless lips.)

“Something very bad is happening.”