Ra’aviik – OOG Portagaal 10

(Ra’aviik enters the cabin quiet as a mouse, not wanting to stir up any trouble, just to simply gather his things. Before leaving he approaches Tyvian)

Sorry for the intrusion, I just came to gather up my gear, I’m going to be bunking with the other sailors, I figure its best at this time to keep a little distance between K’ain and I. Truth be told, I don’t regret what I did, I did what I had to for my mission, but I do apologize for leading you and the others on, but I had to be discrete. I’d like for you to hold on to something for me.

(Ra’aviik reaches into his pack and produces a dagger in an ornate black sheath, which looks much like his armor, he inspects it, lets out a sigh, and holds it out to Tyvian)

Its an I’shaas Laasc, a shadow fang, had I followed through with my mission, this is the weapon I would’ve used to kill K’ain with. I see now that he’s more important to you alive, than he could ever be dead to the empire. I can’t bring myself to just discard the blade, maybe someday, but till then will you keep it?