Narrator – OOG Things 01

(Timber, when dried, cured and shaped into the skeleton of a ship…breathes with the sounds of a living thing. With each shift of the restless sea, timbers creak, expand and contract like enormous ribs in the belly of a great whale.)

<Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk.>

(Tyvian’s heart was filled with pain. Watching his friend battle his demons before his very eyes. Seeing the Cóng Manii assassin, after so many nights of growth, change and spiritual congress…draw a short sword at the throat of his unarmed kinsman. No one is free of sin. But does Ra’aviik deserve a murder’s execution on the twilight deck of a dwarven ship? Tyvian’s course is set in ink and he has no doubt of his convictions. But his heart? His heart is filled with pain. And that kind of pain tires a man down deep. Fight as he may, no amount of convincing can talk his eyes from sleep.)

<Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk.>

“Awake the harp.”

(He sits up in the narrow cabin bed. The timid light of the small candle lantern illuminates a shaft just long enough to tease at the hall outside.)

<Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk….>

(He must surely be wrapped in slumber, for his eyes tell a story to strange to believe.)

<Thunk. Thunk. Thunk.>

(The muffled sound of the night sea changes instantly. The silvery light of the goddess moon seems to focus impossibly from the stairway opening. On the lonely hall outside his cabin he’s fixed his attention. The golden candle light quivers, making way for a massive black hoof. Then before the young priest, appears a head of antlers so large, the very presence argues against reality. Upon the forehead, a pattern in white that can only be a symbol meant just for him, glows a silver-blue, piercing the failing darkness. A symbol of an ancient language spoken in forest temples and forgotten by all but those who still believe in the Mother of Peace. As the great stag moves closer, Tyvian’s eyes release tears, carrying with them the awful pain strangling his heart. He falls on his knees to the hard wooden deck. The magnificent beast bows its head, then extends its neck high enough to challenge the ceiling above. The black fur of it legs changes in hue through dark sapphire, then amethyst into an earthen brown of the forest primeval where its thick hide spreads into a massive chest. The Great Stag does not open its mouth, though its voice is heard in the very core of Tyvian’s soul.)

“Son of Our Mother. Prophet of the Covenant of the Four Stars. Bearer of the Staff of Olegnos. Progeny of Darnesc and priest of the Temple Grotto. Hear me…for I bring these three truths from Her divine breath.”

(The candle lantern fails and loses its light. But the luminescence of this Holy Messenger burns the shadows to dust.)

“The alewife of Amendar has awakened. Her injuries no longer exist and in her heart beats the bravery of a servant of Our Father. But act not in haste. Leave her in the embrace of Our Mother. When she can step onto dry ground, then deliver her unto her loving son’s embrace.”


(The massive hoof beats at the planking to mark the seriousness of its words.)

“Your companion is poisoned with a traitor’s kiss. He shall cut the wicked vow from his heart while holding his gaze on the eyes of his betrothed. He must do this before two days time or he will be forever lost.”


(Once again, the Messenger marks his task bestowed.)

“You, Tyvian Meer…shall die before the sun once again sets on the Visible Wyrld. Know your courage and cleave to your faith. For you shall again walk blessed in the halls of men. Seva Koresad, Surin Sthah”

(Tyvian opens his eyes. The cabin pillow is soaked through with tears. In his heart, he knows that this is the last awakening of this life.)