K’ain – OOG Portagaal 07

(K’ain continues to watch Tyvian like a cat, expression unchanged except perhaps for a slight saddening of his eyes. Disappointment?)


You do not have a monopoly on devotion Tyvian Meer. Nor divine visions. Our purpose is as strong as yours. Stronger than you think since we have nothing else to live for.

I kill for Manii Daa T’sujaakii now, for the New Wyrld, but I will never let it stop haunting me. The day I am not haunted by the dead is the day I loose my conscience too. That day you can kill me like a mad Yagris, because I will be nothing but an animal.

(He closes his eyes, leaning his head back against the cabin wall. Somewhere amid the rigging the night wind is cool and the skies are wide and free.)