Tyvian – OOG Hasten 05

(Davyn opens his mouth to respond to Tyvian’s words just as Rogan opens the door to the larger bedroom…a smile on his face.)

“Tyvian. I forgot to ask you something. Could you come in here for just a moment?”

(Tyvians walks into the room closing the door behind him. He sits on the bed next to Rogan and speaks in a quiet tone.)

“Rogan…your timing must surely be a special ability of the Migdin people!”

(Rogan just nods and smiles, enjoying the suggestion that he might possess anything more than impeccable timing.)

“While you and the others were digging the, em….holes in the house yard earlier, I spoke with young Davyn. Since he is now an orphan inheriting a dead farm, he would be more than pleased to us on our journey. I first mentioned the possibility of him staying with either the clergy at Baach Adenn or Nyveria, and he would have none of it. But when I suggested that he return with us to Amendar to serve as a squire with the Knights of Aethelgrim, his smile just about broke his face. With family such as we….the boy will grow into the deadliest nightmare old Arsafaal will ever sleep on!”

(Out of respect for Dauengard’s slumber, the two friends stifle a laugh at the Mapmaker’s expense. But beneath the chuckles, they breathe a bit easier knowing that the Army of the Four Stars has once again grown by one. And the future is looking brighter than ever.)