Tyvian – OOG Hasten 01

(Pulling Rogan Aside)

A thought has come to me. With your permission, I’d like to place your mother into the Sanctuary. You know that she’ll be safe and I can return her once we reach the Abbey. Utilizing the cart is slowing our journey and I feel she’d be much safer there than exposed and vulnerable.

If Davyn knows of some healers or even a Yagunal encampment nearby, we can then take these injured parishioners there using the cart. What do you think?

(pausing, with a bit of a more seriousness)

I also wanted your opinion on the possibility of taking young Davyn with us… at least as far as Bregor City. I’m not sure if you noticed or if it was my new gift of vision, but earlier, when young Davyn spoke of justice while we were eating, he glowed. He was surrounded by a divine radiance that grew significantly when speaking of the justice of Bregor. Although he’s young, I feel he is destined as a great gift to the Wyrld from Bregor. Whether a priest, a justice, or even one of your knights, I’m not certain. But I don’t believe we came across this young man by mere happenstance. Our path crossed his for a reason, I know it deep in my heart.