K’ain – OOG Soldiers 05

(K’ain’s smile is gone. He watches Bregg sink the arrow into the cow unsure how to reply.)

We don’t know…

(He shakes off the shadow, unshouldering his own bow and taking aim at the corpse.)


(He looses an arrow.)



Tah’d’aa goh!

(And again.)

That is how K’laan thought.

(Again he looses an arrow more aggressively.)

We fight and kill and bleed, but we bring clean death… We do not revel in pain. We do not torture children and innocents.

(He buries a final arrow into the cow.)

(As much to bolster his own spirits as Bregg’s.)

Besides, we’ve already become something to battle Arsafaal.

(He can’t help but smile a little, realizing how much like Rogan he sounds.)

We’re the guardians of the Children of the Four Stars, aren’t we?