K’ain – OOG Soldiers 03

(Unsure how to comfort his friend, when he himself shares the same doubts and fears. K’ain takes a moment before he speaks.)

Big brother… We… I… I am not Tyvian. And I can not pretend to know much of your gods but… it seems to me… it seems to me that you do not have to ask Athelgrim for strength. The Bregg Felldawn we call brother is strong in his own right.


You’ve never asked us… me, how it is that we come to kill.

(Bregg doesn’t reply, K’ain continues, a little more rapidly, things he has not even told Tyvian.)

When we were thirteen they burned out Pajak… our… Poppet. I do not know if you can understand what that means. But the Empire did that to us so we could kill for them. To do the dirty work of the Empire.

(Shakes his head, trying to articulate so that Bregg can comprehend.)

We have never even seen the Emperor! But we kill… not for him but to protect Cong Manaar. Not the Empire. The people. The men and women and children. The… innocents. And if the price of protecting an innocent is our soul… it is stained already with too much blood for B’aas.

What I mean is…

We have to do these things… face these… horrors… so that no one else ever has to.

(Forcing a halfhearted smile.)

Not that it makes doing what we must do any easier. But think of little Breggina back in Amendar.

(His smile becomes genuine, if still a little sad.)

If we succeed she should never have to see the things we have seen. That should give you the strength you need.