Davyn – OOG Respect 01

(Davyn stops before getting a chance to answer Tyvian’s questions. He looks about slightly embarrassed and notices K’ain leaning near the kitchen window…a bare hint of a grin haunting the otherwise serious face.)

“Sir. Might I speak with you, if it is alright with you, sir?”

(Davyn gets up and crosses over to the Cóng Manii stranger.)

“Kkk..K’ain…am I correct?”

(K’ain nods politely.)

“Yes, boy. You are correct.”

(Davyn continues…)

“Sir. I must say, I have never met a Cóng Manii person before, but my mother has. She told me that my grandmother ministered to an ailing soldier during the war. He was rather injured and fleeing a detachment of Nyverian soldiers when he came across our farm. My mother found him in the barn while feeding the yard fowl.”

(K’ain doesn’t respond. But those familiar with his expressions would read sincere interest.)

“Well, anyway…my grandfather was off in battle so my grandmother was worried about bringing an enem…a soldier from the other side…into our home. But once she saw the extent of his wounds, she had my mother and her brother help carry the soldier into the house. She cared for him for seven days, she said. Then on the eighth morning they awoke to find him gone. He took some greens and a bag full of pears from the kitchen but left a bag of seven moons on the table. She told me he didn’t say much at all. Just a few Nyverian words of gratitude he must have learned along the way. But his eyes. My mother said that his eyes were so full of sadness. She said that even as a little girl, she just knew that he felt sadness not just for his way – lost on a farm in the south of Nyveria – but for the way of the Wyrld.”

(Davyn manages a slight, humble grin…nod, then walks into the small bedroom by the warmth of the fire.)