Davyn – OOG Hasten 09

(The door opens gently and the boy Davyn stands in the open doorway.)

“Brother Tyvian, sir. The water isn’t good to drink here anymore, since…well…”

(He glances at the floor as if to avoid the thought.)

“But we have a cistern with clean rainwater. I boiled some tea for the elders and got some fluid in ’em. To answer your question, sir…earlier. They are village elders from Wycolt, west of us down the coastal road. I can show us the way. Just give me the word, sir…and I’ll start helpen ’em to the wagon.”

(He nods, then exits, shutting the door gently behind. Rogan looks pleased.)

“Polite. He’ll make an excellent Knight of Aethelgrim one day, for certain. What do you say? Shall we gather the others and head out to Wycolt, then?”

(Tyvian puts his hand on Dauengard’s forehead and begins to prepare her for the ritual of Sanctuary.)

“Good idea. Let us begin.”

(Rogan gathers his belongings and leaves his mother, Tyvian and the ancient words of a goddess.)