Bregg – OOG Soldiers 04

I didn’t know that. That you were… instructed… to kill, by the Emperor. I had always assumed that you… that you were… well, an outcast. Outsider. Refusing to live by their codes or their beliefs. You know, like… (pauses) Well, let’s just say you’re not like any Cóng Manii I’ve met.

(walks a few paces away from the wall. Bregg grasps his warhammer with his left hand, transforming it into a longbow, knocks an arrow)

Do you think it was worth it? To fight against the Nyverians, some of your soldiers had to become like the Nyverians–willing to kill.

(Fires arrow at one of the cattle corpses.)

So what will we have to become to battle Arsafaal and Kafyrax and the Brothers of Pain? Do we have to become inhuman monsters? Match them horror for horror?