Tyvian – OOG Divine 01

(Quietly to Rogan)

Rogan, I have seen you grow spiritually over the past couple of days. It warms my heart to see you listen to that calling. I can see that divine spark within your eyes, especially now. I am confident that Father Aethelgrim is guiding you to find your place just as I am guided by Mother Surin.

Do not underestimate the power of these women. Your heart has a new voice, and they would delight in silencing it. Seek wisdom within the party. We are of one body, we need to use the experience of each other to succeed.

(seeing Rogan’s slightly quizzical look)

What I mean is.. Faith is powerful, but don’t be blinded by it. A champion does not have to charge in alone. We are all champions of some kind…and an even greater champion when we work as a force..an army for good. Your devotion and bravery is inspiring.

(gives him a look of confidence with a gentle smile)