Tyvian – OOG Wicked 06

(Taking a moment to enjoy the levity, then looks at the hole where the cries and smoke are emanating and returns to steel his resolve. Tyvian whispers to Surin)

Great Mother, I commend the souls of these fallen to you. Guide them into the Otherwyrld and into your care. May they find peace in your embrace. Cleanse this land of the suffering that has befallen it. Grace this land with your giving gift of life.

I humbly ask for your protection on the guardians of the Covenant of the Four Stars. Guard our minds from evil and our hearts to remain true. Protect the innocent who seek our aid so that they may dwell in your light. Blessed are the children of Surin who provide for the needs of others.

(Tyvian adjusts his new helmet similarly to how Rogan does, not quite accustomed to the feel of it. With his short sword in one hand and his holy symbol clutched in his other, he readies himself)