Narrator – OOG Wicked 03

(Ra’aviik has moved the wagon closer to the barricade where the others have gathered. Rogan turns and sees the Cóng Manii soldier giving him a hand raised – the sign that all is fine with Dauengard. Rogan takes Tyvianʻs head with both hands and wills him to hear. With all his essence and clearness of thought, he needs his friend to hear his words.)

“Tyvian. There is no longer doubt. I feel in my heart that I have the power to win out when evil is at work. I made my god a promise. I vowed that if my mother should live, I will give my all to Aethelgrim. I will bare my spirit to the darkness and cut through the wicked. I will be the sword of my father and nothing….NOTHING will stand in my way!”

(Tyvainʻs hearing is slowly returning…but he heard every word Rogan spoke.)

“Then we shall answer the cries for help, destroy the wicked and walk away unscathed. Because that is what we do!”

(Rogan bites down on his lip. This would be an exercise in bad timing….to burst out laughing…ruining a dramatic moment of such gravity. But their vibrato is perhaps too much to hold against the damp and dismal moment in a soggy field in southern Nyveria. Laughter erupts as a much-needed release and the two friends start the process near impossible to stop.)


(Rogan fights the urge to fall – true to form – on the ground in a rollicking belly laugh. Besides…there are others watching and a new-born reputation to uphold.)

“Alright alright alright…letʻs get to the vanquishing!!”

(As they gather their composure, they turn to see the others standing ready, poised to explore the cries for help. Bregg is smiling the kind of Breggish smile that can mean nothing but either a happy thought or risqué lemmerick remembered from his days on the battlefield. Kʻain is double-checking his weapons while expertly concealing a very un-Cóng Manii grin. Ra’aiir and the Tarsan display equal parts confusion and concern: the amalgam expression one would expect when in the presence of inappropriate levity. Rogan straightens his helmet and tugs at his chainmail hauberk. Tyvian waves to the others and calls out in a subdued voice.)

“You heard him, men. Let’s get to the vanquishing!”