Narrator – OOG Wicked 01

(As the last of the awful corpses falls to the ground, Tyvian senses a high-pitched ringing in his ears. The sound moves from annoyance to pain in mere seconds. Rogan sees his friend falter and wince, clutching his ears as if to stop the attack.)

“Tyvian…wh t’ r ng? I. Som h ng wron w th your ea s?”

(Tyvian can see Rogan speaking to him, but the words have no order….no meaning.)

“Ty i n! ”

(And as quickly as it came, the crippling tone stops, followed instantly by the voice of The Messenger)

“Son of Surin. There is great evil about. Keep alert and guard closely those you love…”

(The farm is still, laying dead beneath a soot-grey sky and a blanket of decay. The rotting humans that moments ago attacked with hands and teeth, now lay lifeless and very, very cold. Under the stone and running water, twisted around the living, an evil awaits.)