K’ain – OOG Hooded 01

K’ain –

(K’ain approaches Ga’ia in the common room during the evening meal.)

May I join you maniis?*

(Sits anyway)

The events of this evening are worrying. I’m afraid our introductions were a bit… ah… curtailed. It is unusual for us to encounter other Cóng Manii in our work. What brings you so far from home. We can see you’re interests lie outside the usually… allowed?

(He glances at Cu’)

Is that why you’re here?

(Realizes that might have been offensive)

I do not mean to say… We’re not a Jasai looking for heretics and sorcerers. Cong s’kai** is of little interest to us.

(Give’s K’laan a disapproving look)

After this evening we merely wish to acquaint ourselves. Boc manii*** should be able to trust each other. No?