Rogan – OOG Blood 01

(As the battered party rounds the corner at their chamber doors, Rogan whispers to Bregg under his breath.)

“I haven’t known you long, you Nyverian ox… but I feel as if we’ve fought through many difficult lifetimes together.”

(He manages a half-smile.)

“My arrogance nearly got us both killed back there. And my blind bitterness may still finish the job. If you get out of this, well…unscathed…will you tell my mother…”

(He turns toward the wall and finishes his sentence in a mumble.)

“mny sub ‘er”

(From the blank look on his face, it is clear Bregg did not hear him.)

“I said…tell my mother…I love her.

(Even in the strangled light, Rogan’s cheeks burned a bright red.)

“Well, because I’m her only son…and she worries. You know, it’ll make her feel better. Ehem!”

(More sounds down the hall tell of approaching enemies…)