K’ain – OOG Cleaning 02

(K’ain removes his mask, attempting to staunch some of the bleeding, splits out the blood that’s drained into his mouth and nose and gives Ari’adni a slightly quizzical slightly reprimanding look)

(He goes to the closest corpse to retrieve his arrows)

(Grasping the arrow by the shaft, under his breath)

“Fiir’ti. B’aas ka n’gaal-fiis. T’ir b’aas ka s’ir b’aas. Agraas vorgis‘ti. Mannin vorgis’ti. Cóng Mannaar vorgis’ti.*”

(Wrenches the arrow from the man’s throat)

“The others? Where did Bregg go?”

*Fiir’ti. Rebirth the dead. Make perfect the imperfect. Forgive us. Forgive me. Forgive Cóng Manaar.