Tyvian – OOG Stuck 21

(Finding a quiet corner in the common sleeping chamber, Tyvian whispers to his Patroness)

Dearest Mother Surin, your child humbly asks for guidance. As we go forth to share of your prophecy and warn the remaining Wyrld of Arsafaal’s escape, I am troubled with the many roles I now maintain. My faith is more resolute than ever however my concern as a father, for my son…for all of the children vexes me. The Mapmaker is watching us somehow, feeding on the fears of each of us and threatening the lives of the children. I have faith in the Brothers of Bregor to guard them, but my heart, as a father, worries still. And finding absolution with my family on this journey all while learning the arts of your healing herbs and planning on building a temple in your honor. I seek the stillness to put my feet to purpose and my heart to navigate its course. Guard and protect the children of the Covenant of the Four Stars.

Blessed are the children of Surin who provide for the needs of others.

(Finding the still silence within, Tyvian meditates, seeking answers)