Tyvian – OOG Stuck 20

Not to fear brother. Your words are kept safe. What I am wondering is what effect the demon’s venom has had on Bregg. I asked him after our return to Amendar if he felt anything different like you and I have experienced. I shared that I see things differently now and you seem to feel or sense things differently. Perhaps you can talk with him. See if he will open up to you.

(Turning to return to the common sleeping room, then pauses and turns back)

You are a remarkable man Rogan and have truly come unto your own. You will make a wonderful guardian and role model for Høryntheus as a child of Aethelgrim. She will grow strong amongst your Knights.

(pausing, uncomfortably struggling for words)

I look forward to seeing Dunbachmoor again and seeing my par…family again. I was a confused but yet arrogant youth. I have much to atone for with them from my past. I’m not quite sure how to explain about the prophecy and in particular, Marustade to them. (taking a deep breath) I will find the serenity and wisdom through Mother Surin. I will go meditate on this. Go, be with Bregg. Share in his renewed resolve. Celebrate with him.