Tyvian – OOG Stuck 13

Is that who is sending you these visions? No, he has eyes everywhere. He was sending me visions even while within his prison. Remember, he follows the God of Lies. I think we’re on the right path as he’s trying to deter our progress by whatever means possible. We pose a threat to him.

I think you should tell Rogan of your previous tainted vision. That now strengthens my belief that Rogan is on the correct path as well. The mapmaker is trying to weaken us by making us fight amongst ourselves.

Search your heart and reclaim the strength and confidence of the Great Nyverian Warrior, Bregg Felldawn, that we call friend and companion.

(Taking Rogan aside)

That was very well conveyed. I can sense the wisdom of Aethelgrim channeling through you. You have definitely chosen the right path. You will make an exemplary priest-warrior of Father Aethelgrim.

(giving him a wan smile before returning to Bregg)