Rogan – OOG Stuck 15

(Rogan feels his heart swell with his friend’s comment. A smile betrays his face dispite an attempt to keep his mood serious and his resolve iron-clad. He leans close to Tyvian and whispers over the sound of the chopping waves.)

“Thank you, my friend. I just know in my heart that Aethegrim is guiding me. Bregg is stronger than that puffed-up street magician…and I know that Aethelgrim has a hand on his shoulder.”

(He glances back at Bregg with a new smile across his face. This time his expression is deliberate, tried and true. He once again whispers in Tyvian’s ear.)

“If the Mapmaker planted something in Bregg, we’ll find it, right? Besides, scrying or not…that bastard isn’t getting the infants! Let him send his henchmen to the temple. They’re not gonna find the babies, Warthram or even Jordann! They’ll be walking straight into a temple full of devout Bregorian priests with a serious grudge against that infidel…and a sanctioned endorsement from the church to banish him to a dark pit that would make the Hive seem like Denbryshire during the Seventh Festival! The evil rat bastard is walking right into a trap!”

(He turns back to Bregg, then smacks his hands loudly together in front of his face.)

“PANG!! Got him!”