Rogan – OOG Stuck 12

(Rogan stares deep into Bregg’s eyes. Something within his friend is different. That much can be believed.)

“My friend. Calm yourself. Arsafaal is a coward! He has hidden himself from view since we first came together. He lurks in the shadows, plys the weak with pain and torment and attacks innocent family and friends when his foe is too strong. You know this enemy. He was a coward when he orchestrated the Usurper’s rise, then hid from site during the inevitable fall. You know him. And he tries to frighten you by toying with your mind. He pulls at your fears and makes you doubt yourself. NEVER doubt yourself, Lord Felldawn. Because I believe in you…WE believe in you. Resist him. Replace his name in your mind with the name of Our Father. Replace his face with smile of that beautiful baby girl Breggina. And if you need strength, take some of mine. Then watch that coward run back to his mountain prison!”

(The Migdin takes the the giant Nyverian’s chin in his hand.)

“Repeat after me…slowly and resolutely: In all things, Seva Koresad, Aethelgrim Sthah.”