Ra’aviik – OOG Maniir 04

< I’m glad he’s going to be alright, Bregg seems to be an important member of your group. I wish I could’ve have been of more use, but I felt that my presence there would’ve been more of a hinderance>

(Ra’aviik thinks of the documents that he tucked away as K’ain walked in, and gives an accepting nod)

<You’ve got quite the keen eye my friend, I apologize for not being as forthcoming when we first met. Its true, I’m no Imperial Guard, but I do serve the Empire. I’m Cóng I’shaas, as such, I answer to the Emperor himself, I meant no disrespect by sending my missive separate from your’s, but as you pointed out, it was to go directly to the emperor, and I needed to make sure that it would get their without incident.>