K’laan – OOG Wyrm 01

(K’laan approaches K’ain with trepidation. He stands just two feet away, then speaks gently in his native tongue.)

<I know you consider yourself a man not of any god. I suppose you might accuse me of the same.>

(There’s no response. K’ain keeps his back to the Jasai)

<You would be wrong. I am a man of deep faith. True, I have walked many a road over these past few months. But when I close my eyes at night, it is the beating of wings that brings me back to our ancient ways and the vows I took in the sacred temple. Many things will shake the heart of our people. It’s that…core, that…belief in our ways that will keep us together.>

(K’ain shows no response.)

<I will leave you. But hear one thing before I do. Through all we’ve seen, through all the trials and loss, do you truly trust in these Hu’manii? Do you trust the soldier Bregg? Remember who fought on the side of the Mapmaker. Remember what kind of creature would take a Tarsan to bed or to the battlefield as brother. Felldawn has known the Tarsan fellowship in battle, and has stood beside them as they trampled the countryside, raping and defiling every spirit who refused to bend. King Markus was Nyverian, K’ain…as was their gilded god, Bregor – slayer of our Dragon Lords. (pause) I don’t think Felldawn has had a vision at all. I think that indeed he has looked into the eyes of Arsafaal, but willingly, with allegiance and adoration. Watch your back, brother. There is a wyrm in the gut.>

(K’laan turns and walks away.)