Bregg – OOG Stuck 17

“Give me a minute…”

(Bregg staggers to his feet and heads below deck. In the galley he finds a wooden mug and fills it from an ale cask. A steward considers stopping him for a moment then thinks better of it. Bregg heads back up the aft stairs and stands at the stern of the ship looking into the Three Son’s wake)

(uttering silently)

“Aethelgrim–or any god what may be listening–I’ve never been a pious man. Or a man of fancy words. All I’ve ever been good at is fighting and killing. I spent years fighting for my homelands, for my country, for supposedly noble causes. And at the end of the war, I found myself not just on the losing side–but the wrong side. All that fighting and killing that I’m so good at… I was fighting and killing for a blackheart on the throne in the name of a god whose name I can’t even bring myself to say. Fighting and killing people that were good and right.”

(takes a sip of the ale, then holds the mug into the air)

“Rather than make things right, what did I do at the end of the war? I got drunk. And kept getting drunk. Not because I was happy the fighting was done–all I’ve ever been good at is fighting. I got drunk ’cause I was ashamed. I got drunk to never have to think about what I had done.”

(louder now)

“From now on I fight for the gods of good. And if you are watching me, Arsafaal, you cowardly stick of a man. You will not haunt me. You will not trick or torment me. I live for one purpose and one purpose only. To cut enough pieces of flesh from you that you will beg for death…”


“…then you can grovel before that steaming pile of crap that you call a god: Arwic; and tell him that Bregg Felldawn killed you!”

(pours the rest of the ale over the aft railing into the wake of the ship. Turns around and sees several sailors watching him.)

“Get back to work!”