Arsafaal – OOG Stuck 01

(Bregg shakes his head to clear what he hopes is not another vision. The light seems to fade as the ship lists to port, then starboard. Then once again…the platinum light. The ship stops its rocking, as if the ship came adrift upon mirrored seas.)

“Bregg Felldawn. I should have known. You would never take the life of your friend, would you? Even if your dear Aethelgrim commanded, you are just too bullish…too, Nyverian to take the bait. Or maybe you’re just too stupid to understand.”

(Bregg feels his blood rush faster through his veins, and a cold sweat break out across his forehead.)

“Don’t worry. Your friend is safe, for now. You all are. Well, perhaps all is a bit of a far reach. I have to hand it to Surin’s catamite. Putting the infants into a sacred space was far cleverer than I could have guessed. And the close call. Now that was a heroic moment, was it not? Passing my children into the Sanctuary just as the daemon was about to strike. Clever, clever boy. But then again, you took the brunt of that attack, didn’t you?Not that you haven’t come up against that particular creature before. Though if I am to be honest – and I am ALWAYS honest – that daemon was a particularly nasty variety. Hand picked by me, he was. Carrier of a special contagion of my own invention. From me to you…with love. Ha ha ha ha ha!”

(Bregg instinctually reaches for the Eye of the Bear and finds only emptiness.)

“My gift to you, Bregg…remains within your flesh casing even now. There is – quite literally – a piece of me…in you…right now. I’ve been aware of every move you’ve made since you escaped the Singe. That is how I know all about your plans to store my children in the temple of Bregor. Did you really think I wouldn’t know? Bregg! My child. You are a loyal son of Nyveria. You will always be loyal to your king, even after he’s departed this Visible Wyrld. Wait…do you mean you did not know of your birthright?”

(Bregg can feel the scant contents of his stomach rise in his throat.)

“Your grandfather and his son, your father were both loyal to King Markus. It is your legacy, Bregg. You will do what is right when the time comes to act. You know this to be true. That is why you become so angry whenever his name is mentioned. As for the infants. Nothing can stop me from taking them from those simpering priests. I command the dead and their kingdom everlasting. I serve Him. Arwic, the Lord of Despair. I will NEVER allow that cunt’s prophecy to succeed, and neither shall you. Right about now, my loyal servants are taking the children to the desert where they will sacrifice them to our Dark Lord.”

(Bregg screams for help…that anyone…ANYONE would hear!)

“That’s it, son. Scream. Scream the way those wee animals will wail from being pulled apart one limb at a time. Oh…the pain of a tortured adult is delicious. But the agony of a child too young to truly know the meaning of its suffering? Too young to understand that in the end…in the bitter, fucking end…these little whoresons and daughters would rather…be…dead…than suffer another minute of white…hot…torment.”

(The boat rocks so violently that Bregg is nearly lurched into the lightless depths. The others run to his side for fear of an attack…or worse. The man they see when they arrive leaves them speechless. Never have they seen their gentle giant of a friend look so entirely and utterly afraid.)