Tyvian – OOG Musings 01

Tyvian Meer –

I’ve wondered some of the same questions, dear Bregg. I’m also curious to learn how the goblins and Phos were able to keep such large spiders at bay? There didn’t seem to be any dead ones, so I presume they perhaps used magic to charm them or even some clever scout technique to ward them off. I also wonder, once we’ve returned to Amendar, to question mistress Dauengard as to her knowledge of her husband’s proclivity toward priesthood? of Arwic no less? Or if it is just as surprising to her that her husband had “other talents”? I’m curious to find if the follower of Aethylgrym, what was his name, could recount if he was also hired by Phos under false pretense or was beset upon in some other way?