Rogan – OOG Worse 01

(Rogan hears Tyvian’s pronouncement of the evil to come and swallows hard. The saliva goes down tainted by the bitter air of this gods forsaken temple turned prison. He turns slightly toward Bregg and whispers loud enough for him to hear.)

“Bregg. By the grace of Aethelgrim we kill this whoreson and his women and head back to Amendar with a purse full of gold to start our brewery. But..ehem…if I do not make it…I ask you a favor.”

(Bregg nods as if to tell the Migdin swordsman to continue)

“If I die in this hole of sick and shit…take care of my mother? I mean…I do not expect a Felldawn nursemaid waiting hand and foot. But look after her every so often, will you? I know she’d take good care of you in kind.”

(Rogan feels his throat tighten as tears well up in his eyes.)