Arsafaal – OOG Whisper 01

(From deep within the darkness comes a whisper loud enough to hear above the shuffling of boots on dampened stone. A voice speaks to the visitors from the dense, oily mire it wants all to believe is shadow. And dread drips from the walls with every word.)

“Scurry forward as fast as you can…but you will be too late.I have waited for generations in this forsaken tomb, and finally….finally my time has come.”

(The tense whisper turns into a louder jeer. Much louder…)

“Ha ha ha ha ha…ʻcomeʻ! After all these years, I can still find humor in the ill fate of others. Ah, he is a true master of chaos…my dark, dark Lord of Pain.”

(The temperature seems to grow colder in the dampness of the underground temple. The adventurers feel the bile rise in their throats. The smell of rot and mildew and sick and menstrual blood spoils the air.)

“Where was I? Oh, yes…the chase. The hatred you have for me and my dark master is delicious. The stalwart Nyverian with the mind of a battered child. The half son of a dwarf and a tavern slut. Hmmmmm, that must have been a watchable fuck.”

(Rogan stops in his place, visibly overcome with rage. He punches the wall with his one good hand. He yelps in pain, then silences himself)

“Ah, that felt good, didnʻt it Rogy? Was that a smile at your friendʻs pain? Or were you mocking his stupidity, little dragon spawn? What was it now? Mei’Tii? No…canʻt be THAT one. Must be Kʻain…the more fortunate of the two. And the prrrrriest!”

(The voice seems to almost spit the word ʻpriestʻ)

“Wait til you see your wee one, holy catamite. Heʻs got his fathers eyes. Or perhaps he WILL have his fatherʻs eyes. HA HA HA!!! Sʻbeen so many years. The wyrld is a common jest to me now. But for him? Anything. So run run run run little mice. Catch the kitty if you can. Get me get me get me…or the clever pussy will do what canʻt be undone. And that scares the shit right out of your guts, does it not? Iʻll leave you to it…”