Arsafaal – OOG Burn 01

(As Tyvian exits the broken and shattered library, leaving behind the foul scriptures and tomes bound in human flesh…his equilibrium fails him. His vision turns to grey, then black as ink. Up ahead, a stranger stands half-apparent.)

“Priest. Pick up your pace. Time is running out for you and your Mother Cunt.”

(Tyvian gains his footing, walks a foot or so, then collapses against the sweating stone wall of the temple bowels.)

“Oops. Easy there, my son. Death is a patient lover. Do not rush him. Ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HAAAAaaaaaaa……..”

(The mocking laughter trails off…soaking into the sweating walls of Tyvian’s skull. He gulps the stale air stained with mildew and dank. The spinning ceases, so he opens his eyes and rights himself on two feet. The others barely noticed his faltering.)