Tyvian – OOG Innocence 02

(Looking directly at K’ain)

Our quest was to stop the ritual, we did. Part of the ritual was to kill these children.

(Big Sigh)

I am a priest of Surin, Goddess of Life, Nature, and Living Things. I WILL NOT permit the harming of these children…these innocent children, out of fear. If we are destined to continue to battle with the Mapmaker, so be it. But for the time being, my priority is to take these new lives back to civilization and give them the opportunity to grow in the light.

You and I both know that many Great People were born of adversity, these poor souls started their lives in a world ready to destroy them. We intervened and now bear the responsibility for them. At least I do. If you see differently and seek to harm the innocent, Then perhaps our journeys are now on different paths. I pray that is not so…I see your frustration in your eyes. This is no longer the voice of a naïve “boy” as you all have called me. I speak with the voice of my Mother. Who’s voice do you speak with? Your own? Or your hidden self?

(Returns to tending to the babies)

By the way, What are you going to do with the Birthing Stone now that you’ve recovered it?