Rogan – OOG Family 04

(Perhaps Rogan has consumed a bit more than his admitted seven to ten sips. He spins toward K’ain with an expression of mock hurt.)

“NO NO NO, K’ (an exaggerated glottal pop followed by a pause for effect) AIN!! Now perhaps if my dear ole dwarven Pa had chosen a comely wife with ears a’point, I just might be a somewhat different Rogan altogether!!”

(He leaps up onto a log in a comic rendition of Rogan the Goblin)

“Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeht!! Me eyes is round in me ears is sharp but me mind is dull as mudwater! And if me Daz diz bit me Muz me bern a droolin blud daughter! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEHT!! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

(Rogan falls off the log square on his Migdin ass…unable to breathe past his deep gut laughter. When he finally collects his wits, he turns toward K’ain)

“But if I was ever to be blessed with a pair of older brothers, I couldn’t wish for any more than the likes of the both of you…K’ain the Happy and K’ain the Mean!”