Rogan – OOG Family 02

(Rogan is trying very hard not to laugh. Since his nose is healing – thanks in great part to the Milk of Surin – he doesn’t want to jinx the miracle. Then again, the itching is consuming not only his nose, but the entirety of his face. So a little laughter helps to satisfy the urge to scratch like a widdle with an infestation of autumn fleas. The seven-to-ten sips of precious spirits he kept from the attack doesn’t hurt either.)

“Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait…Uncle Tyvian? No! My aunt’s son would be my cousin, yes. But if said aunt was indeed a whore. That is to say, a ‘professional’…a common prostitute of ill moral standing who forced herself upon a priest out of wedlock? No, no, no. That does not Tyvian my uncle make! To his son, I shall claim kinship. Dear Tyvian….I love too much to ever accuse of such poor taste in women!”