Narrator – OOG Seeing 01

(K’ain collects himself, mounts his horse and the party resumes its journey. A mere thirty minutes or so later, while stopping for a quick drink, Rogan walks over to K’ain’s side. Bregg sits just feet away sipping carefully from his “magic” akraat skin.)

“I would have thought that as my older brothers, born of Cóng Maii blood, you would have picked up on him long before I did.”

(K’ain squints his left eye against the sun, but trains his right on Rogan. Bregg pivots on the blanket he’s using to sit in the sand. Rogan grins.)

“Both of you? By Aethelgrim’s beard…I feel nearly ten feet tall.”

(K’ain is at a loss.)

“What is it, Rogan?”

(Bregg follows suit.)

“Yes. It’s too damned hot to stretch that tiny man face in gloating any longer than a Dunbach minute.”

“Well, don’t turn to look. But over my shoulder. About two hundred yards. A single rider…been following us at a maintained distance since we left the Shar’Sariin.”

(Bregg tilts his head toward the ground, speaking under his breath.)

“Who has that damned spy glass? I’ll take it out for a piss and steal a glance toward our admirer. What do you think?”

(Rogan makes a point of emptying his helmet of sand and dessert chaff, stealing just a quick look toward the rider.)

“Whoever he is, he’s good. (beat) Maybe too good for a paid bow Shar’Sariin, hmmm?”

(K’ain pats his bow as if to warn it to be ready at a thought.)

“Why not have that piss, Bregg. I will do the same once you’ve shaken.”