Narrator – OOG Dunes 01

(As the sun reaches its highest point, the air sizzles as if the wind is made of flame. Bregg spots them first. Ahead of the party at least a dozen figures stand in silhouette on the crest of a hill to the east of their path. Though exhausted, K’ain has an arrow knocked and ready to take a life. The others draw weapons in anticipation of yet one more threat. The strangers stand in a line, with each seemingly wrapped well against the dangerous sun. The central figure raises a hand, and with the one to his right, begins to ride forward.The strangers have no weapons born, but the mood stays tense and ready to fight. The first stranger calls out in crisp desert chak, then repeats his salutation in tradespeak.)

“Greetings Felldawn and Meer! We’ve come to help you!”

(It is only at the speaking of their names do they recognize these desert strangers. And as they remove their wrappings, the strangers are quickly recognized – their former companion Maka’ar who called himself Corvis and his Shar’Sariin Cariisc, R’Gnam. The two approach the party on horseback.)

“We’ve been expecting you. We had a scout in Baru Kai, watching the activities of the cultists. We were aware that something big was going to happen and we were not going to allow the Birthing Stone to escape our grasp again. Unfortunately we were unable to stop the escape of the Necromancer. As far as we can tell, he did not have the artifact.”

(Rogan steps forward.)

“Though we are grateful to see you…and hopeful you have some fresh water and shade, we do not have the Birthing Stone.”

(The Migdin doesn’t even blink as the lie passes his lips. Maka’ar dismounts.)

“We were afraid that might be the case. Yes, we do have water and shade…and food and horses.”

(Corvis stares into Rogan’s eyes, as if to attempt to decipher a lie or a diversion from the truth. Satisfied, he continues.)

“Follow us to our camp and rest. It is just over that hill.”

(Maka’ar remounts and the two ride back toward the remains of their party. They all proceed over the hill to the east. Rogan turns toward his friends, then motions for them to follow him as he proceeds toward the Shar’Sariin encampment.)