Narrator – Flowers 01

(The wind stops. The skies have gone black. The moonlight shines from each star in the firmament, illuminating the waves of silver sand. She stands there. Across the small gully, atop the crest of a dune. Mei-tii.)

“K’iir d’aal. My sweet and tender, K’ain. The only one who truly knows what pain within my heart beats…”

(She stands before him. K’ain. Yagris. Twin souls of a universe in turmoil. A single spirit split in twain by a world ill at rest.)

“K’ain. Silly boy. Smile for me? Just this once?”

(She stands just inches from his face. An illusion gives no breath. Yet from her lips, he can feel the heat from her lungs. He can smell the moistness of her skin and the wild flowers she would comb through her hair, so that even in the austere ways of the Hu’Fiir’Ti…she would never forget the beauty of this living Wyrld.)

“Vin s’I K’ain. I know that even now, your Yagris fights you for dominance. But you, sweet boy…will always win. Your heart is stronger than his. That much I know.”

(K’ain fights back the most painful tears. This living memory is too real…too honest and strong to resist.)

“I do not have much time. Just know this, my K’ain. The one they call Mapmaker – Arsafaal – is our brother. He was Cóng Manii Jasai of Father Tagaar. The evil of the god Arwic found his pain and chewed at his will. Arsafaal rejected his true self not out of loathing for our people, but reverence for them. He thought himself too weak and unworthy, and that was the fire that Arwic stoked. From hatred of self, grew hatred of life. But there is one thing not many know of Arsafaal. He was a brother of the Hu’Fiir’Ti. He too had a twin soul. One half, the priest…the other, the assassin. It was this truth that Arwic and the Necromancer King Markus used to force the birth of the most dangerous creature to walk the darkened valleys of the Visible Wyrld. The land is grown in a field of fear and violence. We shall rise together. Many tribes united as one people. Protect the child. Mentor Gaar tu Arboraas, for he is the chosen leader of the armies of the new Wyrld. He shall be the brave one, the General. Stay strong, my K’ain. Remember this…”

(She kisses him gently on the lips.)

“While in your memories still I breathe…you are never alone.”

(The wind begins anew. The skies are returned to the warmth of their mother sun. The nurturing light awakens the morning sand, reminding each granule of the precious gift of water. Its promise deferred. She is gone. Across the small gully, atop the crest of a dune. A desert awaits.)

“K’ain! Do you see something? What are you staring at? I’d think, see one dune you’ve seen ’em all!”

(Bregg heels his horse and continues on his way. Far, far above…the distance can not steal the wing span of the oracle Cóng Jhet, nor the majesty and beauty of his companion, V’aliir)